Turn your team's daily email chaos into organized workflows

Sortd is the lightweight, all-in-one sales delivery platform for G Suite users. Track workflows, collaborate with your team, and manage projects. All right from Gmail!

Transform your cluttered Inbox into an all-in-one, organized workspace for Tasks, Emails, Projects & Teamwork.

Rated the #1 App for Gmail

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Sortd transforms Gmail into a dynamic, visual workspace that boosts team productivity and simplifies workflows

What do you want to use Sortd for?

Manage my email
Manage your email, to dos and priorities
right from Gmail.  Also, upgrade to
create flexible team planning boards.
Manage my sales
Manage email, leads, sales deals,
follow-ups, reminders, business contacts
& track your team’s sales activity
right from Gmail

Manage all your processes with one flexible system

Teamwork & Delegation

Manage team email, assign work efficiently and collaborate right from Gmail.


Keep track of sales leads and close more deals. Includes sales reports and more.

Customer Support

Prioritize and manage email support tickets to deliver excellent service for customers.


Keep track of projects and deliverables to completion.

Financial Admin

Manage finance, bills, invoices and payments.

Client Service

Manage the service requests with clients and collaborate on delivery with your team.

Built on the most reliable platform in the world... your Inbox

There are loads of useful email apps out there, but  you already use Gmail. So we built Sortd to work right there. No more need to switch between apps all day.


Visually keep track of email, tasks, teamwork & projects

Sortd Boards are a perfect place for emails that usually just get marked as unread. Set up as many boards as you need to organize your work in contexts.

Share workspaces and collaborate

Use Sortd to collaborate more effectively with your Team. Way less unnecessary status meetings, way more time on actual work.

Never drop a ball again with follow-up reminders

Tasks and emails pop back into your Inbox when they need to be actioned or followed-up.

Customize Sortd to fit your team's needs

Whether you're in Bus Dev, Operations, Recruitment or all of the above, add as many dedicated workspaces as you need and customize them to fit your workflow.

No complicated setup... nothing to learn... just add it to Gmail and start keeping track of work in minutes.

Add Sortd to Gmail

Watch the demo video.

Transform your overflowing inbox into an effective sales pipeline

Using your inbox to manage your sales pipeline is not efficient or sustainable Action important sales conversations right from your email.

Available on mobile & now also right inside Gmail's mobile app!

You can download the Sortd Mobile Companion App from the iOS and Google Play App Stores and also right inside Gmail's Mobile app.

What our customers say...

I’m digging it!
Amber McCue – Entrepreneurial Coach & Business Consultant

This is genius! far beyond than any other mail plugins i have seen.
I am currently using the new google inbox and it did not excite me as much as Sortd!
Nick Karvounis – Photographer

LOVING Sortd so far!!! Zipping through my emails and tasks.
Ally Greer - Community & Content Director, Scoop.it

Loving the ability to prioritize right in my Inbox and rewrite subject lines.
Meg Button - Partner, Nuscreen Digital

Sortd is unreal. Best thing to happen to me since being born.
William Tillis – Web Developer, Illustrator, Artist

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