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Email and Task Manager

No need to switch to another app to plan & prioritize work – organize your email, alongside your tasks and projects ... right inside Gmail.

Visual workspace

Visual and customizable workspace that fit the email workflow of you & your team. Change list names, add as many as you want, and drag-and-drop to re-order. You decide where stuff goes.

Teamwork & delegation

Delegate emails and tasks to your team with a single click and then chat and collaborate effortlessly.

Chat with @mentions

Chat with your team alongside any customer email or task, in context.

Team Mailboxes New

Eliminate confusion in Team Mailboxes. Coordinate teamwork ... without any cc's, bcc's or forwarded email.  Learn more

Full Customization

Tailor Sortd to the way you like to work ... so you can break free from your Inbox and focus on getting things done!

Projects Management

No need to duplicate work in another Project or task management app . Create tasks lists and project plans right from Gmail.

Team Boards

Organize teamwork, plans and processes  on multiple boards to get everyone on the same page.  Run boards for Sales, Projects, Admin Operations & Finance.

Email Tracking

Know who has read your emails before they reply. It's like Messenger and WhatsApp double-ticks.


Assign work to the right people to that there is complete clarity of who is responsible and accountable for what.


Set reminders on tasks and emails so you have complete peace of mind that no balls will be dropped.

Due Dates

Use due dates to add deadlines for work and get notified when tasks are past due.

Email Notes

Add notes and next steps alongside your emails so that you have a full view of work & your interaction with customers.

Group Emails Together

Group related emails together inside one card by simply holding down the shift button when dragging and dropping.

Edit the email Subject line

Give emails with bad subject lines a clearer title and a next step.

Kanban View

Visualization your work in a Kanban view to what stage each items is in, to limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency.

Date View

Plan unscheduled tasks or emails onto the Date View manage work on a timeline alongside your calendar.

Table and Spreadsheet View

Turn work into a spreadsheet with Table View. Quickly navigate between fields and edit item quickly without opening each item on at a time.

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Gmail Mail Merge

Sortd supports Gmail's new Mail Merge
capabilities. Learn more

SLAs & Response times

Set and monitor SLAs and response times to boost team accountability and enhance customer satisfaction.
Learn more

Email Templates / Snippets

Create customizable email templates and snippets to save time and maintain consistent communication across your team. Learn more

Drag 'n drop prioritization

Separate the signal from the noise so you can focus on the emails and priorities that count. If an email is important, just drag it to the top of your list.

Manage Follow-ups

Follow up with your customer sat the right time with complete access to next steps and reminder dates.

Day Planner

Start each day feeling calm and in control. Get a clear overview of everything on your plate and never lose track of an important task.

Calendar Integration

Link your calendar to see actionable work alongside your meetings.  Know that you have time deliver that work that you have committed to.

Google Drive Integration

Add files and documents onto your boards so that you (and your team) have all the info at your fingertips.

Zapier Integration

Connect Sortd to 2,000+ different apps like Google Sheets, Typeform, Jotform, Hubspot, Trello ...

Template Gallery

Get started in seconds by selecting a template board for Sales, Operations, Finance, Productivity ...

Team Contact Manager

Share and categorize customers and important contacts with your team.  Note:  this feature has been missing in GSuite since its inception.

Deal Management

Build lead and deal pipelines within Sortd to  drive your sales.


Workflow Customization

Build custom workflows and processes that model the way that your company likes to work.

Custom statuses & properties

Adapt  fields to the needs of your business with one click.  Add custom statuses, dropdowns, tags, customers relationships, order quantities ...

Color Coding

Bring your boards to life with color coding of cards, status and tags. Get a clear view of anything that is important an urgent.

Sales CRM

Organize your sales deals, hot leads and emails straight onto your Sales Pipeline and track them until the deal is closed.

Sales Reports

Deep dive into metrics to understand your teams performance with light-weight reports that are easy to understand.

Contact Database Export

Export your contacts to CSV and then import them into any email marketing tool that you use (like MailChimp).

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

Access your information on the go, where ever your are.

Gmail Mobile add-on

Add tasks and email into Sortd directly from Gmail own mobile app.

Secure & approved by Google

Officially approved and vetted by a Google-appointed security audit and compliance firm.

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