If you simply wish to revert to a free Sortd account you do not need to remove your Sortd account and can simply downgrade to the free subscription plan

Removing a Sortd Account

You can remove your Sortd Account, by clicking here (which will go to your Sortd settings) and clicking the "Remove account" button. This will remove all access Sortd has to your Google/Gmail Account.

NOTE: This will NOT cancel your subscription, so please ensure you have done that first if you have a paid subscription, nor will it uninstall the Chrome Extension, Mobile app and Gmail Add-on (if you have installed/used any of those). Each has to be uninstalled/removed separately. Additionally removing your account does not delete existing data, as you may wish to return to that in the future.

Deleting Sortd data

If you want to permanently delete your Sortd data, please either create a support ticket or send an email to team@sortd.com requesting us to delete your data.

NOTE: Once your data has been deleted it will not be available should you choose to sign up to Sortd again at a later date. Additionally we cannot delete any data while there is an active paid subscription, so that would need to be cancelled first.

We will reply confirming your data has been deleted, though this can take up to 30 days as we do this in a batch each month.