July 1, 2024

Master Gmail Customer Support with Sortd’s New Response & Resolution Time SLAs

Sortd for Gmail’s new Response and Resolution Time SLAs enhance customer support by setting clear service targets, improving efficiency, and boosting customer satisfaction.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, timely customer service is not just expected—it’s demanded. Recognizing this, Sortd for Gmail has unveiled an innovative solution to help businesses enhance their customer service effectiveness: Response and Resolution Time SLAs (Service Level Agreements). This new feature enables you to set, manage, and meet specific service standards, ensuring that your customers experience swift and competent support.

Understanding Response and Resolution Time SLAs

What Are Response and Resolution Time SLAs?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are commitments between service providers and customers that outline the service standards the provider is obliged to meet or the turnaround standards that the company's sets for itself. With Sortd’s new SLAs, businesses can define precise expectations for how quickly customer support should respond to inquiries (Response Time) and resolve issues (Resolution Time).

How It Works

1. Setting SLAs: Businesses can set specific time targets for response and resolution based on the complexity of the issue or customer priority.
2. Notification System: Sortd automates notifications to alert your team when an SLA is nearing its deadline or has been missed, enabling proactive management of customer expectations.
3. Escalation Protocols: You can configure automated escalations to ensure urgent customer issues are promptly addressed by the right team members or management.

Real-World Benefits

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By ensuring quick and efficient responses, SLAs directly contribute to a better customer experience. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and recommend your service to others, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and a stronger brand reputation.

Improved Team Accountability

Automated alerts keep your service team on their toes, reducing response times and the chances of service lapses. This not only fosters a culture of accountability but also helps in identifying training needs or operational improvements.

Streamlined Operations

With clear SLA targets, managers can more effectively allocate resources, predict potential bottlenecks, and adjust workflows to improve overall operational efficiency.

How Businesses Can Leverage Sortd’s SLA Features


An online retailer can set response SLAs to ensure that all customer inquiries, such as questions about product availability or shipping times, are answered within a specific time frame, such as 2 hours. Additionally, resolution SLAs can be set to process returns or refunds within 24 hours, improving customer satisfaction and trust.

IT Services

An IT support company can establish response SLAs to acknowledge critical system error reports within 15 minutes. Resolution SLAs can be set to resolve these critical issues within a specific period, such as 4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining client confidence in the service.

Customer Support

A customer support team in any industry can utilize response SLAs to guarantee that initial responses to customer tickets are sent within 30 minutes. Resolution SLAs can ensure that complex issues are resolved within 48 hours, leading to more satisfied customers and efficient service operations.


Sortd’s introduction of Response and Resolution Time SLAs marks a significant step forward in customer service management. By setting clear and measurable service targets, businesses can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, enhancing both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Start leveraging Sortd’s SLA features today to transform your customer service experience.

Written by
Rodney Kuhn