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Upgrade your Gmail
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Effortlessly manage your emails, customers, tasks and team workflow, without ever leaving your Inbox.

Transform your cluttered Inbox into an all-in-one, organized workspace for Tasks, Emails, Projects & Teamwork.

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Give Sales more to work with

Boost your sales productivity right out of your inbox and align efforts with new capabilities to stay organized and get more done

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Transforms Gmail into an all-in-one workspace to manage sales, service and delivery with jaw dropping efficiency!

Turn your sales inquiries, orders and customer service into simple workflows that are visible to the entire team.

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Sortd brings transparency to email.  Know exactly who's responding to the customer in shared mailboxes sales@, support@, finance@ ...

Boost team productivity and deliver on time, every time


Features to build great customer experiences

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Manage client work

Share emails with your team

Set follow-ups & reminders

Manage leads and deals

Manage your CRM in Gmail

Build reliable processes

Organize teamwork on a board or a visual spreadsheet

Create custom email workflows ...

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Manage my email
Manage your email, to dos and priorities
right from Gmail.  Also, upgrade to
create flexible team planning boards.
Manage my sales
Manage email, leads, sales deals,
follow-ups, reminders, business contacts
& track your team’s sales activity
right from Gmail

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Join 80,000+ CEO's, Professionals and Teams who using Sortd.