1,000's of ways you can tailor Sortd!

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create boards for Project management, Recruitment, Support, Finance,
Marketing, Issue Tracking, Team Tasks, Meetings, Goal Setting ...

Project Management Board

Set up a shared project boards for you and your team. Manage different types of projects or processes within your company.

Recruitment Board

Manage your recruitment pipeline without ever leaving your email. Keep track of candidates, resumes, next steps ... Set up your own template or click here to join the early preview queue for Sortd for Recruitment

Share your boards with the rest of your team

With effortless collaboration, see everything that is on the go in one view and who is taking on what.

Sales Management Board

Manage your sales pipeline right from your inbox. Sortd's premium Sales Board offers many features for you and your team click here for more info

Meeting Boards

Keep track of meetings, standing topics, agenda items and team next steps.

Finance Boards ... to manage accounts receivable, bills etc.

Keep track of bills and outstanding invoices.

Support & Issue Tracking Board

Keep track of bugs, issues and support queries and assigned tasks and follow-ups with you team.

More ideas and templates coming soon!

Give Sales more to work with

Boost your sales productivity right out of your inbox and align efforts with new capabilities to stay organized and get more done