Customizable Board Templates

Fit Sortd into your workflow.

Team Email Delegation

Manage team email, assign work efficiently and collaborate right from Gmail.

Sales Management

Keep track of sales leads and close more deals. Includes sales reports and more.


Manage you day-to-day tasks, priorities, deliverables and follow-ups

Customer Support

Prioritize and manage email support tickets to deliver excellent service for customers.

Manage Hiring

Keep track of candidates and resumes.

Project Management

Keep track of projects and deliverables to completion.

Financial Admin

Manage finance, bills, invoices and payments.

Event Management

Manage an event from planning stage through to attendee engagement.

Client Service

Manage the service requests with clients and collaborate on delivery with your team.


Streamline operational processes within the company.

Orders & Production

Manage the orders and production for clients. Collaborate & track team work.

Real Estate

Manage buyers and sellers and new agent recruitment.