November 27, 2017

Introducing Sortd for Sales

The same Sortd you know and love, but built specifically for managing your Sales Pipeline and closing more deals.

Sortd has always been a great way to manage your email.  But how do you grow your business?  Introducing Sortd for Sales!  This is by far the simplest and most intuitive way to keep track of your sales pipeline.  It’s still just your email, only now you can see what deals are going to close, when and what they are worth to your business.

It’s the same old Sortd you know and love, but with all the things you need to be better at working your pipeline, closing more deals and keeping your team in the loop on where things are at.

No more clunky spreadsheets or frantically trying to figure out what’s going on before sales meetings.  With Sortd for Sales you focus on your pipeline and the rest takes care of itself.

How does the Sales Powerpack work?

At its core, Sortd for Sales is a special type of board known as a Power Pack, but it also comes with a shared Contact Database for managing all your contacts and a really straightforward Sales Report that tells you everything you need to know about how your deals are progressing.

Power Packs are very similar to standard boards, but they give you the ability to do more.  Sortd for Sales works differently from a standard board in the following ways:

  • It’s collaborative, so your Sales Team can all work from the same board (you can also filter the board to show only your deals).
  • Each list is more than just a list – it’s a stage in your Sales Pipeline.
  • In a quick glance you can see the amount in each stage of your pipeline.
  • Items on the Sales Board are not tasks, they are deals – when you click to view something on the board you will see a new Deal View.

Here’s what your Sales Pipeline might look like:

Viewing a deal on your board shows you the stage it’s at in your pipeline, the amount and the date you expect the deal to close:

And if you want to feel like the boss you are, check it out on your Sales Report:

Where can I find Sortd for Sales?

To add a sales board, use the board switcher on the right in fullscreen mode (note you can add as many boards as you want)…

What if I don’t have Sortd installed anymore?

If you don’t have Sortd installed anymore just head over to the Sortd web site and install it again from there.  Any data you had from before will come up again after you log into Sortd from Gmail.

That’s all folks!

If you have any questions or comments please post in the discussion forums and we’ll do our best to answer you there.

Written by
Wayne Silbermann