October 20, 2015

Snooze and Follow-up Reminders

Sortd now has Snooze and follow-up reminders... Never drop a ball again!

Today we're excited to announce some awesome new features.  I won't bore you with the preamble - here they are...


Sometimes emails just have no place in your Inbox (or anywhere else in your life).  With Snooze you can now temporarily send them away, to return back to your Inbox at a more convenient time.  Look out for the Snooze option next to the Archive icon in your Inbox.


Follow-up Reminders

We've already had reminders for a while but we've just added a new twist to the story.  Now you can add a follow-up reminder to an email immediately after sending it.  You don't even need to move your mouse - after you hit the send button, the Sortd reminder button comes to you.


Plus a slick new Gmail loading screen

Sortd adds a beautiful image to Gmail's loading screen every time you load Gmail.  Just because :)


Written by
Wayne Silbermann