May 1, 2022

Color Code your Email

How to color code and tag your email

We've made two changes that will help you to get more organized than ever.

Color-code your email with new highlight styles

Sortd is really useful for keeping track of customer emails and projects in a Gmail team, but now it's even easier to see what's going on.

You can use colors cleverly
- to categorize inquiries by product / service type;
- to see the customer segments your team are dealing with;
- as a way to flag urgency for team mates;
- even just as a simple way to track work status.

If you haven't used highlight colors with your email before, give it a try - it'll brighten your day! ☀️ 🌈 😎

Customized status tags are now more visible

Using the Sortd table view, our customers have managed to successfully turn email in their businesses into a reliable process. Custom fields are now also visible on the board view, so there are plenty of options at your disposal to map your email workflow to your business process.

Create fields for things like Status, Product Range, Inquiry Type, Region... (basically anything you'd use as a column in a spreadsheet) - then choose which of those you want to display on the board. All of the information your team needs can be baked into their daily workflow, right there in their email!

Written by
Wayne Silbermann