Sortd pricing for 2024 and updated product features

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our offerings and ensure the sustainability of our services, we will be implementing a price adjustment effective from Jul 1st 2024.

Sortd pricing for 2024 and updated product features 

At Sortd, we are committed to providing a world class product experience, with a natural easy to use interface, powerful functionality to boost your productivity and collaborative features to help you coordinate work in your team and grow your business

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our offerings we will be implementing a price adjustment effective from Jul 1st 2024. This change will enable us to invest deeper in new product features, AI research and development, customer support, and drive value for your business.

What’s changing?

Starting from Jul 1st, the plans will be priced as follows...

For previous pricing click here.

Some new features that will be coming in with these changes

Shared email templates

Coming to the Essentials plan, shared email templates allow you to streamline and enhance your customer communication. You can create and store reusable email templates that your entire team can access and use. This ensures consistency in messaging, branding, and tone of voice across all customer-facing emails.

Response and Resolution Time SLAs

We are introducing a new feature on the Business Plan that allows you to configure service level agreements (SLAs) for both response time and resolution time. This enhancement is designed to empower you to deliver an exceptional customer service experience, ensuring that your customers receive prompt and effective assistance.

With response time SLAs, you can set specific targets for how quickly your service team should respond to customer inquiries and how long it should take to resolve their issues.  Your team will be notified when target responses are upcoming or overdue.  You can also configure escalations to ensure that issues receive attention and are promptly resolved.

By setting clear targets and tracking your performance, you can ensure that your customers receive prompt and effective assistance, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

More about the price changes: Who’s affected and when do these changes come into effect?

The price changes are effective from Jul 1st but will come into affect for customers at different times, depending on the plan you are on and your subscription cycle.

For all users on monthly plans

New pricing will apply in the month of July on the date of your subscription cycle.  If, for example, you are on the monthly Essentials plan and your subcription renews on the 15th of every month, your subscription will change to $10/user/month on Jul 15th.

For users on annual plans…

If you have already locked in your annual subscription, then the increase will not affect you until your annual subscription renewal.  So if your subscription renews on Sep 1st for example, the new pricing will only come into effect for you from Sep 1st.  If, however, you make changes to your plan (by adding or removing team members), those changes will be calculated at the new rates.

* Note, if you are currently on a monthly plan and you upgrade to an annual subscription prior to Jul 1st, then you will remain on the old annual subscription pricing for the next 12 months.

What You Need to Do

No action is required on your part. The new pricing will automatically be applied to your account.

Why the Change?

  • Enhanced Features: We are introducing new tools and functionality that will help you achieve even greater success with our platform.
  • Improved Performance: Our infrastructure upgrades will ensure faster, more reliable service.
  • Superior Support: We are expanding our support team to provide you with quicker, more personalized assistance.

What plan should you be on?

If you are unsure which plan you should be on, these are the key differences to note:

Starter is free of charge and is best suited to professionals wanting a better system of organizing their own private or work email with task management, drag and drop organization, reminders and more.

Essentials is good for streamlining email management in a team, to serve customers better together.  This plan is also well suited to professionals who are looking for more than just the basics and want to have a more well defined workflow for managing their email.

Business has powerful business features and multiple workflows to track customer and administrative work through to completion, with a single source of truth that your business can rely on.


1. Number of boards and lists

All plans come with a Personal board.  The free plan only allows you to create 1 additional board (with a maximum of 4 lists), Essentials has a limit of 20 boards with unlimited lists, and Business allows you to create an unlimited number of boards with unlimited lists.

2. Activity history

On the free plan it is only possible to retrieve comments and a history of activity for 30 days.  On the Essentials plan you can see comments, chat messages and changes made to cards going back 6 months, and on the Business plan you have unlimited history.  * Note that you will never lose email in Sortd.  The history is only the log of changes made and comments / chat messages added to each card.

3. Custom properties

Custom properties are not available on the Start plan.  On the Essentials plan you are able to use basic property types like text, date and number.

On the Business plan, there are a wide range of property types that you can use and display on the face of cards on the board.

For more information on the various property types please refer to this article.

4. Automations

The Essentials plan is limited to 2 automations.  This will be sufficient for you if all you want to do is add emails to boards automatically.  If, for example, you have 2 team email addresses and you want email on each address to be added to a different board.

The Business plan has unlimited automations which can be used to streamline workflows and save time.  Common use cases for automations are automatic assignment - if an email comes in from a customer that one of your service team members usually deals with then you can create an automation to automatically assign emails to that team member.

Where to from here?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at

Written by
Wayne Silbermann