Form Publisher - Approval Workflow

Form Publisher - Approval Workflow

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Form Publisher - Approval Workflow


Automatically generate files as Google documents, Microsoft Office documents ...


Automatically generate files as Google documents (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides), as Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and/or as PDF documents→ Stores generated files and final PDFs in Google Drive→ Easily differentiates generated files thanks to an incremental number applied to each file name. You can also reuse answers to your form questions in the title of each document→ Sends an email to notify form respondents or other email addresses upon form submission / file creation→ Shares the generated files and manages user permissions so contacts can view / comment / edit in Google Drive. Or attach the generated PDF directly to the email notification.***Document Approval Workflow & e-signature

Form Publisher's workflow evolved as a natural extension to its document generation automation. With the Approval workflow and e-signature features, you can now get these documents automatically routed for approvals and sign-offs with your favorite tool, Form publisher!Form Publisher provides out-of-the-box workflow capabilities for the documents generated from your form submissions. It is:→ Easy to create approval processes (no-coding skills required)→ Accessible for everyone in G Suite domain→ Static & dynamic assignment of approvers - using email markers→ e-signature to validate document approval→ Possibility of using Social Login Authentication (Google, Facebook, Twitter) (Vendors, Suppliers outside of a G Suite domain can participate in workflows)***Benefits of Form Publisher Approval Workflow***→ No need for using an external workflow tool for routing the auto generated documents→ Traceability of approval process - right from data entry in Google Forms, all the workflow data and the links to the documents and the final PDF are stored in the Form Responses sheet. No more messy emails for manual routing of the documents for approvals→ Saves time - automatic routing of documents for approvals, right after their creation***How to use Form Publisher?***Form Publisher is quite simple to use: Simply create your template as a Google doc, Spreadsheet or a Slide. Use simple <> to indicate where you want each answer to the form questions to appear in the template, and the markers will be replaced by the answers in the final document.Plus, Form Publisher verifies if all the markers are recognized both in the form and in the template, so no information ends up missing in the generated documents.Productivity is optimized with automated notifications with sharing/attaching these documents to any email address upon form submission. It’s also possible to give different permissions on each generated files to specific users.With Approval workflow and e-signature features, Form Publisher helps streamline and speed-up internal document approval processes in your organization. You can get the documents automatically routed for approvals and sign-offs, without leaving the familiarity of your favorite tool, Form publisher. Moreover, the full history of the document is recorded, right from the form submission data, the approval status of it, till the location of the final PDF document generated.***We answer many use cases***→ Create quotes, invoices or contract agreements automatically sent to clients upon form submission→ Generate documents with a professional layout for presentations→ Manage confidentiality of generated documents with permissions in public structures or in schools (registration forms, health surveys…)→ Easily integrate forms to your workflow: Create a form, have it filled by someone else and automatically have a PDF sent to a third party→ One-step Document Approval Workflows (Leave/Absence Requests, PC, building, network, and system access requests, Purchase order workflow & Invoices workflow)→ Document Approval & Sign-off - signatures demonstrate approval & its validity (Employee onboarding, Sign-off to confirm consent on company policy/procedure docs)If you’re looking for a simple, batteries-included version of document generation and workflows alternative to workflows built on top of Zapier, Workato, Integromat or other technical complicated tools, use Form Publisher!***Pricing***Free plan lets you generate 20 files/month. You can purchase a paid plan to remove this quota.