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October 8, 2023

Lemlist vs. Sortd's Re-engage : A Comprehensive Comparison

Lemlist excels in personalized cold outreach, while Sortd's Re-Engage focuses on nurturing past relationships with AI-driven insights. Choose based on business needs.

In the evolving world of sales and marketing tools, the importance of fostering relationships and ensuring effective outreach is paramount. Today, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Lemlist, a powerful email outreach platform, and Sortd's new Re-Engage product, which focuses on revitalizing dormant relationships through AI-powered intelligence.

The Philosophy

Every cold prospect requires nurturing. A business must remain top-of-mind for the customer until they're ready to make a purchase. This philosophy is crucial in understanding the importance of both tools. Cold outreach is not enough on its own; you need a consistent process to nurture relationships.

Overview & Features

Feature/Aspect Lemlist Sortd's Re-Engage
Purpose Email outreach platform for personalized cold emails at scale. AI-powered tool to nurture and analyze existing customer relationships.
Integration with CRMs Yes, with popular CRM tools. Works seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
Personalization Personalized emails with custom images, videos, and dynamic content. AI analyzes past interactions and suggests personalized outreach.
Automated Follow-ups Based on recipient behavior. Prepares a cadence based on contact value and interaction history.
Analytics & Reporting In-built for tracking email performance. Automated sales & customer reports with zero manual input.
User Interface Some users find it complex initially. Inbox-style list of people to contact, with AI and manual interventions.
Pricing (per user/month) Starts from $29 (when billed annually). $40 (20% discount on annual plan).



  • Focuses specifically on cold outreach.
  • Humanizes outreach with unique personalization features.
  • Email warm-up feature to improve deliverability.

Sortd's Re-Engage:

  • AI-powered intelligence that analyzes and nurtures existing customer relationships.
  • Instant alerts for potential relationship concerns.
  • Efficient in re-engaging and revitalizing dormant relationships.



  • Some users face a learning curve.
  • Limited integrations.

Sortd's Re-Engage:

  • While the product boasts seamless integration, there could be CRM platforms not yet integrated.

Core Value Proposition:

Lemlist's primary strength lies in its unparalleled emphasis on personalization in cold outreach. This approach makes recipients feel understood, which can significantly boost response rates.

On the other hand, Sortd's Re-Engage focuses on the belief that "the companies with the BEST relationships win". It combines relationship science with AI-driven insights, ensuring every past connection is considered a present opportunity.

Who Should Use Which?

Lemlist is perfect for:

  • Sales teams wanting to enhance cold outreach response rates.
  • Marketers reaching out to potential collaborators or influencers.
  • Recruiters connecting with potential candidates.

Sortd's Re-Engage is tailor-made for:

  • Sales teams aiming to revitalize old relationships and prevent relationship rot.
  • Businesses wanting to transform every past connection into a present sales opportunity.
  • Organizations looking to complement their existing CRM solutions.


Lemlist's pricing starts from $29/user/month, offering different tiers suitable for individuals to large enterprises.

Sortd Re-Engage is priced at $40/user/month, with a 20% discount for those opting for an annual plan.

The Final Verdict:

Both Lemlist and Sortd's Re-Engage offer unique value propositions, catering to slightly different needs in the market. While Lemlist shines in cold outreach and personalization, Sortd's new product emphasizes the importance of nurturing past relationships, ensuring no connection is left unattended.

Businesses aiming to send personalized cold emails at scale might lean toward Lemlist. In contrast, those looking to maintain and nurture existing relationships, ensuring consistent engagement and top-of-mind awareness, would benefit greatly from Sortd's Re-Engage.

In the end, the right tool depends on your business's specific needs and where you find the most value in your outreach and relationship-building efforts.

Written by
Rodney Kuhn