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September 27, 2023

Neglected Goldmine: Unlocking Opportunities in Dormant Business Relationships

Revive your dormant business relationships as untapped goldmines of opportunities with AI-powered tools like Re-engage.


In a commercial landscape where sales teams and entrepreneurs are always seeking the latest opportunity or the newest connection, the golden opportunities lying dormant within existing relationships often go ignored. These overlooked business contacts can once again become valuable opportunities when reclaimed—a strategic process that can yield measurable results.

The Importance of Dormant Business Relationships:

Dormant business connections should never be considered lost opportunities. They are, in fact, a repository of untapped potential. While these connections may seem redundant with time and distance, their value never truly diminishes. Having an existing relationship denotes an understanding, rapport, and, most importantly, trust—a stage that's far easier to re-establish than attempting to create anew.

Bearing this in mind reintroduces the exciting possibility of these dormant relationships becoming rekindled, profitable ventures.

Revival Through Re-engagement:

It is here that AI-powered tools like Re-engage from Sortd come into play. Re-engage streamlines the process of re-engaging with dormant relationships by analyzing previous customer interactions and identifying which business relationships have become stagnant. This systematic approach minimizes the guesswork and time typically spent by sales teams when deciding which low-touch relationships to rejuvenate.

The Blended Power of AI and Relationship Science:

Re-engage uses a unique blend of AI and relationship science to analyze past interactions, identify which relationships should be prioritized, and suggest timely and personalized engagement tactics. This AI-based process is not about merely reigniting business relationships, it's about creating a bond through tailored, contextualized, and well-timed communication.

This science-backed approach goes beyond the basic relationship management offered by common CRM tools. While CRMs can track sales data and customer interactions, they cannot independently interpret and act on this data to enhance existing relationships. That's where AI-based tools like Re-engage add value.

Proof is in the Results:

Kim Zhang, CEO and Sales Leader, testifies, "With Sortd every client, old or new, is a priority. It's not just a tool; it's our strategic advantage for building lasting, profitable relationships." This testament indicates that tools like Re-engage aren't just about reigniting connections—they're a powerful part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at maximizing sales opportunities.


Dormant relationships are far from lost causes; they're a goldmine of opportunities waiting to be tapped. By using AI-driven tools like Re-engage, businesses can reactivate these relationships into profitable enterprises. All in the name of fostering better business and driving growth through relationships you've already worked hard to establish.

Written by
Rodney Kuhn