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October 6, 2023

Improving Customer Relationships: Using AI to Prevent Relationship Rot

Discover how AI can transform 'relationship rot' into 'relationship revival', using tools like Re-engage to nurture business connections before they can deteriorate.

In the world of business, relationships are the backbone that makes or breaks an enterprise's path to success. We're stepping into an era wherein technology, and notably AI (Artificial Intelligence), is making a profound impact on these relationships. Today, we'll explore a shared concern among sales managers and business owners: "relationship rot" and its implications. We will also delve into a transformative tool, Re-engage by Sortd, that endeavors to counter this phenomenon by leveraging AI.

## Understanding Relationship Rot

"Relationship rot," as the name suggests, refers to the gradual deterioration of business relationships over time due to lack of nurturing. It happens when contacts become dormant, forgotten, or neglected, ultimately leading to decreased customer interaction, reduced sales opportunities, and potential damage to your company's reputation.

In our fast-paced business environment with overflowing inboxes and calendars, it's not uncommon for past connections to fade into the background as we focus on what's urgent. This results in missed opportunities - the very essence of relationship rot.

## Preventing Relationship Rot with AI

The advent of AI technologies has brought advanced solutions to address relationship rot. AI provides an automated and more efficient means of re-engaging, nurturing, and maintaining these dormant connections. AI-powered tools can analyze and interpret vast amounts of data from past interactions to identify patterns, trends, and insights across various platforms (CRM, emails, calendars), thereby paving the way for better relationship management.

## Enter Re-engage by Sortd

Promising to revolutionize business relationship management, Re-engage by Sortd stands out as a unique AI-driven solution. It emphasizes nurturing and identifying risks within your relationships, making it an effective counter to relationship rot.

Re-engage analyzes all customer interactions (both current historical) across various platforms. It provides unparalleled insight into the health of each relationship, identifying which customers may have been neglected and require additional attention.

Further, it innovatively identifies changes in customer sentiment, monitors response times, and highlights the potential risk, ensuring no relationship is left uncared for – a feat often elusive with traditional CRM practices.

An additional innovative feature of Re-engage is its nudge system. Re-engage nudges your team to reach out to contacts needing extra care. It even provides prompts to assist your team in engaging with clients in the most meaningful and productive way possible, thereby ensuring that no relationship ever 'rots.'

## Harnessing AI to Stay Ahead

Companies with thriving relationships are the ones who emerge victorious in today's competitive landscape. Re-engage provides an AI-powered paradigm shift in nurturing and maintaining these relationships.

By monitoring relationship health, alerting your team to potential issues, and encouraging consistent engagement, Re-engage brings a robust line of defense against relationship rot and a strategy to flourish in the relationship-driven business realm.

So, whether you're a sales manager or a business owner, Re-engage presents an opportunity to turn your past and present relationships into a valuable asset, genuinely transforming 'relationship rot' into 'relationship revival.'

Stay ahead of the curve, and start nurturing your relationships today. Don’t let relationship rot cost your business its best opportunity to thrive and grow. Instead, harness the power of AI and let Re-engage help cultivate healthier, more fruitful customer relationships.

Written by
Rodney Kuhn