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Sortd Insights
Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Addendum

Last Revised: 9 February, 2023
Effective Date: 9 February, 2023

This Policy Addendum (“Policy“) is specific to the “Sortd Insights” experimental service offering and does not apply to Sortd’s other products and services. All of Sortd’s standard terms and conditions and other published policies shall remain enforce except where explicitly superseded by this policy and then only for the purposes of the Sortd Insights service and only for so long as it remains an experimental service offering.


Sortd for Gmail (including the Sortd Chrome Extension, Sortd Mobile and Sortd Add-on) are the normal services offered by Sortd, Inc (“the company”). For the purposes of this document these will collectively be referred to as “Sortd” services, or standard Sortd services.
Sortd Insights is the new experimental service, for the purpose of this document called “Sortd Insights” or the “experimental service”.

Disambiguation will be provided where deemed necessary.

Data Collection

Sortd Insights does not require any additional Google permission from those already granted to Sortd’s normal services. However, unlike the company’s standard service offerings, the Sortd Insights service processes ALL of a users’ email (i.e. not just email on a Sortd board, or tagged with a reminder) including the email content, and as such stores additional data pertaining to each email.

In addition to the email metadata ordinarily stored, Sortd Insights also stores email header information such as rfc822 message ids, recipients, cc and bcc data, labels, message routing and reply information.

Furthermore and most importantly Sortd Insights may store some or all of the content within each email body.
Sortd Insights may in the future also request to store additional calendar information as well as contacts, online meeting recordings and meeting transcripts. Access to this data may require additional Google permissions and as such Sortd Insights will request additional access at the appropriate time and will not be able to provide any features pertaining to this data until access has been granted.

Consent and Access Requirements

Sortd Insights is not ordinarily available to users of Sortd’s standard services; however users with a paid subscription can request access via a link within the standard Sortd interface. Sortd (the company) will then request the applying user and/or an authorized company representative (representative) to complete an access request form, during which the company may ask some qualifying questions and will ask for the user/representative to acknowledge, and consent to this policy in order for Sortd Insights to access the user’s (or organization’s users) email accordingly.

Without consent to this policy, access will not be granted and Sortd Insights will not have access to the user’s email, contacts, calendar and meeting recordings or transcripts.

As Sortd Insights is an experimental service, even with user consent to this policy, access may be withheld, for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Capacity Constraints;
  • Legal limitations;
  • Non alignment in terms of the Sortd Insights services vision (e.g. Sortd is envisaged purely as a business offering and as such access for users with an @gmail.com addresses is unlikely);

NOTE: Currently Sortd Insights does not support organizational access permissions and as such each individual user of an organization needs to grant access and accept these terms. See Limitations below.

AI Training

A user or the user’s company representative can choose to opt-out thereby not consenting to allow Sortd (the company) to use their data for AI training purposes while still having access to Sortd Insights.

As Sortd Insights makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Models (ML), the user’s data may be used for AI training purposes unless the user or the authorized representative from the user’s company chooses to opt-out of AI training. Should the user or the company representative not opt-out, the user’s email, contacts, calendar and meeting data may be read by a human being for the purpose of labelling training data, following which it will be used to improve the quality and accuracy of the AI models Sortd Insights is making use of. Additionally the data may be used to determine the accuracy (verification) of the AI model.

Data Processing

Unlike Sortd’s standard services, Sortd Insights does “read” users’ email for the purpose of providing analysis of each email. Such analysis may include (but is not limited to):

  • Content Tagging (complaints, sentiment, urgency etc)
  • Classification (where classes may be sales, customer support, finance enquiry etc)
  • Action Determination (i.e. requires response, apply routing/forwarding rules)
  • Keyword detection
  • Linking (responses, forwards etc)
  • Summarization
  • Entity Identification (companies, objects and people)

While some of this analysis is performed by Sortd’s own technology and systems, Sortd is also making use of 3rd party AI models, and as such the data may be sent to a 3rd party via their respective API’s for processing. Sortd will ensure that any data provided to a 3rd party is not retained and/or is only retained if suitably anonymised.


User Interface

Currently user access to Sortd Insights is from within the standard Sortd Chrome Extension, though in the future Sortd Insights may have its own user interface (UI).

Team or Group Access

At the moment each user must give individual permission for Sortd Insights to access their Google mailbox.
Consequently if a standard Sortd team admin (owner) would like to give access to Sortd Insights to their whole team they will have to get each individual to apply for access and to accept this policy.
In the future it may be possible for a Google Workspace administrator to add the mailboxes of their domain users to Sortd Insights without the consent of each user, but that is not currently the case.

Roles and Permissions

Sortd Insights does not currently implement any differentiated roles or permissions and principally each user has the same level of access as any other user to their own data.
However as Sortd Insights runs inside the standard Sortd Chrome Extension (CE), access to Sortd Insights is via a normal Sortd team and as such Sortd (CE) allows for a new “Management” group to be created on the Sortd team. This management group allows members of that group to see the Sortd Insights data for all other members of that Sortd team (limited to those users’ who have signed up and granted Sortd Insights access to their respective Google mailbox) including other members of the management group. Users who are not a member of the management group can only see their own data.
In the future it is likely that Sortd Insights will implement a more comprehensive set of roles and permissions.

Shared Email

The standard Sortd service provides for a Shared Email “Inbox” to be configured and used within Sortd for collaborative email communication, however Sortd Insights does not fully understand the concept of a shared mailbox and as such the analytics provided in the case of a shared mailbox may not be correct. Typically this is the case where an email is received via the shared email address but replied to via another email address. In cases like these, statistics like mail count, response times, task completion or acknowledgement may not be accurate.

Additional Sub Processors

In addition to the Subprocessors listed in Sortd’s normal privacy policy Sortd Insights may include additional data processor providers.

Sub Processor
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
OpenAI, Inc
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
One AI Inc

As Sortd Insights is an experimental service additional sub processors may be added (or removed) during the experimental phase without explicit user consent, however the purpose of any additional sub processors will be purely for the purpose of improving the Sortd Insights service and as such Sortd will not provide, sell, distribute or otherwise transfer user data to a third party for any other purposes in accordance with Sortd’s standard privacy policy.


Sortd Insights follows the same security process as other Sortd services, and as such there should be no additional risk to users content over and above that which may ordinarily exist.
Note however the limitations on roles and permissions above.

Sortd Insights Fees and Pricing

Sortd Insights is envisaged to be a separate product from Sortd’s current service offerings and as such may incur additional fees and or require a separate subscription in the future.
However so long as Sortd remains in the experimental phase Sortd Insights will be free of charge, though access could be revoked at any time for any reason or no reason.
Should Sortd Insights become a paid service offering, users with existing access will again have to opt-in and subscribe to the service based on their desired subscription tier and feature set. Should the user choose not to subscribe they will not be charged, but they may lose access to the service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacy@sortd.com.