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A free tool to analyze your team's reply times & to catch problems early

How fast does your team
reply to customers?

Grade your team's
email activity & get actionable insights in minutes

Grade how quickly your team replies to your customers.

Get actionable insights from your team's email activity.

Use this free tool to analyze your team's response times and catch customer problems early.
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Use this free tool to analyze team emails & catch customer service problems early.
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Statistics show: Slow replies & Missed emails = Lost Customers!
Catch customer service problems early.
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"Sortd has transformed our customer service experience by simply analyzing our team's email activity and highlighting problems. It delivers real actionable insights, without the need for any new system."
Kelly-Anne Kelly
CEO and Sales Leader

What is Sortd Insights?

Sortd Insights is a powerful email analytics tool that allows you to track and visualize your team's service performance with visual graphs and dashboards. It’s like Google Analytics but made for email!

Unlike many other analytics tools, all of Sortd's data is understandable at a glance and immediately actionable.

Simply add your team members and then track your team's customer service, response rates and email reply time. Sortd's email analytics shows you the average email reply times, missed or late emails, top customers and sales cycles and it helps your catch customer problems early.

Sortd analytics will help you boost your teams service performance by 10x with the tools your already use - email!

Key benefits

Sortd's Insights presents you with actionable insights into your teams email activity.  In addition it provides you with tools to help you turn this data into a world-class customer experience.

Get up and running with in minutes

What customers are saying:

"Opens so many doors to working seamlessly as a team"

Sortd opens so many doors to working seamlessly as a team when you are not always in the same room - and remembering to do stuff has never been as easy. Sortd has changed the way I do emails and lists - for the better! Thank you for an amazing app - it is a must have and worth recommending :-)

Team leader
"Sortd has been a life saver for my work email account"

We have bids coming in to my email non-stop, so being able to share a board with my team allows me to communicate without the back-and-forth forwarding, AND I can visually see where we are at with each bid. Keep it up Sortd! Thanks for developing such a useful tool.

Procurement Manager
"Incredible tool for me to keep track of all of orders"

Sortd has been an incredible tool for me to keep track of all of my orders that I have mailed to various places. With the ability to customize your columns and color code everything, it makes it a breeze to see where things are at a glance.

"Has been soooo helpful for me and boosted my productivity"

My job heavily relies on emails and this really helps sort them and get things done! Thank you, Sortd Team! This is sooo brilliant. Where have you been all my life lol.

Operations director
"This is quickly becoming my favorite Chrome plugin"

Managing group email addresses in G-Suite is a pain, and now we know who needs to reply, and can help cover for each other to make sure we respond promptly to our clients/prospects and vendor partners.  Support is super responsive and great to work with.

Team leader
"Managing group email addresses in G-Suite is a pain"

Managing group email addresses in G-Suite is a pain, and now we know who needs to reply, and can help cover for each other to make sure we respond promptly to our clients/prospects and vendor partners.

Josh L
Managing director
"It has changed my email productivity!"

I've been using Sortd for a while, and it has changed my email productivity! I recently outgrew the free version so I looked around to see if there was anything else on the market better. There was not! I decided to pay for the service and am happy to do it. It's a great service!

Project Manager
"Exactly what I've been looking for"

So far Sortd is exactly what I've been looking for -- a user-friendly, Gmail built-in project management tool with a great-looking user interface... Having something that is already integrated in a program we already use EVERYDAY and don't need to access/download ANOTHER software is wonderful.

Finance manager
"Helpful when it comes to the productivity of our team"

Sortd has been very helpful when it comes to the productivity of our team. Monitoring each member's progress and following up on each task have never been this easy. Thank you Sortd!

"Nothing changes for die-hard Gmail users"

Signing up and setting up is a breeze. What is extra nice is to realize that nothing changes for die-hard Gmail users. Yet, the interface is integrating just right. Now onto changing our established habits into a more streamlines process flow. :)

Client Service
"It increased my productivity enough that our company we moved onto it"

I recently took over a customer support roll which was being run through gmail. The previous person had tons of tags and filters that worked half the time, but left me confused as to where everything was meant to go. Emails start stacking up. Sorting and keeping track of each customers email took up most of my day. In a hunt to find a visual solution that would work for me I stumbled across Sortd. Being the only customer service rep, the free version looked perfect for my application. After implementing Sortd I was caught up within one week. It increased my productivity enough that as a company we moved to a monthly plan and are implementing it purchasing and shipping as well as customer support. Totally worth downloading and trying it out for yourself and your team!

Client services
"Love it"

It is something that is incredibly useful and would is valuable in a team context when managing email handoff and delegation.

Travel Agent
"It is definitely the BEST"

I would like to start by saying that this is not the first app that I use but in its niche but it is definitely the BEST, since I have used other like streak applications but Sortd really has no comparison, it is an excellent app and very easy to use even for the People who are not very technological, this app was exactly what I was looking for, that is why I strongly recommend it to anyone  it has helped me to improve my productivity and at the same time i save save money due to is affordable compared with other expensive app that are not even the half of Sortd 100% recommended best decision you can make. Pura Vida

Marketing (IT and Services)
"A great way to revamp your inbox sales"

Sortd is quite a unique app. What it does is turn your inbox into a Trello-like board where emails are tasks each with their respective stages, progress and other details. Sortd is initially more of a ToDo app, but lately it's been marketed as a sales solution, so me and my team have decided to give it a try. While Sortd isn't something that will help you replace a CRM system, it's certainly an interesting spin on the idea with comfortable workflow and that small addition to Gmail that takes email prioritization on a whole new level.

Chief Executive Officer
"Excellent Product"

Integration with Gmail makes life easier. It's perfect for tracking items I assign to my VA and other team members.

Operations Manager
"Excellent way of setting up action plans through the emails."

Ease of use to allocate actions with  automated reminders as they arise. Changing from the board to table and the additional options when assigning actions. It helps to get things done. Ease to follow up and get reports, particularly on sales.

Freelance Writer
"Magical notation and organization client"

Sortd is a magical add on that unifies my life. Inbox by gmail is a great tool, but it wasn’t doing enough to keep our roster of authors and potential new writers organized. Sortd lets me see exactly what kind of information I need to be aware of to keep our company properly functioning and to keep our contacts happy.

Principal Consultant
"Sortd has changed my inbox into productivity machine"

Kanban view is the greatest thing to happen to email that I have experienced. Having the boards, and the Day Planner view has allowed me to keep on top of my leads and proposal. Adding project and task management within my inbox also keeps me on track in one single software. Sharing emails across the team is amazing - no more forwarding, replying, trying to reply to the client, losing track of nested responses. We can share client lead emails on our team boards and discuss our plan within the discussion feature.