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Break free from your inbox

Sortd transforms your email into organized lists

Sortd transforms the way you work with email.  It brings your email conversations, your tasks and your priorities together in one intuitive workspace, and works right inside Gmail!

Your Inbox wasn’t meant to be a To Do list

Turn your Inbox into something more

with a layer of Beautiful, Organizational Awesomeness for Gmail.

Sortd expands your Inbox into a flexible set of lists for important email and other stuff.
Your emails, tasks and priorities now live together in one easy-to-use drag and drop workspace.
It’s still good ol’ Gmail, only so much more!

Sortd is a new way to get organized that embraces email

There are loads of useful email apps out there, but  you already use Gmail. All your stuff is there, you know how to use it, you know where to find things. Plus Gmail is awesome!  That’s why we built a SMART SKIN that lives inside Gmail.

Sortd brings the worlds of organization and email together into one interface, right inside Gmail, where you spend oodles of time reading and responding to emails already.  No need to switch to other apps to get organized.

key features

Drag & drop to prioritize your email

Sortd is the perfect place for those emails you aren’t sure what to do with.  The days of a messy inbox, starring, labeling or marking messages as unread are over. You are no longer bound by the constraints of your inbox.  Sortd brings the worlds of emails and tasks together - if you can’t respond to an email right away, simply drag it to your To Do list and get to it later.

Rename the subject

Enough said.

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Emails and tasks in one place, on one screen, inside Gmail!

No need to switch to another app to plan and prioritize – plan your day right inside Gmail. The spatial screen layout shows you all of your emails and tasks in a single view.

Organize your email in a way that just makes sense

With a neat column layout, you can customize Sortd to best fit your email workflow. Change list names, add as many as you want, and drag-and-drop to re-order. With Sortd, you decide where stuff goes.

Less Inbox, more action!

Sortd is a workspace for tasks and emails, so you can break free from your Inbox and focus on getting things done! Snooze your Inbox and read/reply to email right from your lists – it's easy to align your email habits with your goals.

Drag & drop to prioritize

Separate the signal from the noise so you can focus on the emails and priorities that count. If an email is important, just drag it to the top of your list.

Never drop a ball again

Sortd has a follow-up list especially for those items that you need to chase up. With your follow-up list always in view, it's easy to keep track of loose ends.

Inbox Zero

Now that you always have important emails in view, Inbox zero is a reality.  Welcome to clutter free email.

Spend less time in your Inbox
and more time getting stuff done!

Available on your mobile

If you are already using the Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail you can download the Sortd Mobile Companion App from the iOS and Google Play App Stores.


Sortd for Sales


Spend less time in your Inbox
and more time getting stuff done!

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I’m digging it!
Amber McCue – Entrepreneurial Coach & Business Consultant

This is genius! far beyond than any other mail plugins i have seen.
I am currently using the new google inbox and it did not excite me as much as Sortd!
Nick Karvounis – Photographer

LOVING Sortd so far!!! Zipping through my emails and tasks.
Ally Greer - Community & Content Director,

Loving the ability to prioritize right in my Inbox and rewrite subject lines.
Meg Button - Partner, Nuscreen Digital

Sortd is unreal. Best thing to happen to me since being born.
William Tillis – Web Developer, Illustrator, Artist

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