Validating Company Domain Settings

Sortd needs access to the Google+ (People) API as well as to IMAP. Please ensure that these settings are enabled on your Google For Work/Business console so as to allow Sortd to access your email account. You may need to ask your Domain administrator for help in verifying these settings.

NOTE Sortd does not actually need access to Google+ (your feeds, circles etc) and you don’t need to create a profile, but unfortunately due to a policy change by Google in late 2014, Google authentication now takes places against a Google+ API instead of simply an Gmail OAuth API.


In terms of the Google+ settings for your work domain, your domain administrator would need to go to the domain setting which can normally be accessed by

Go into “Apps”

Select  “Additional Google services”

And Then “Google+” 

In the “Shared Settings” section of Google+ there is a checkbox to enable access to the Google+ API’s which needs to be ticked. 
The Google+ “On for everyone” may also need to be enabled if this still doesn’t work with just the API’s accessible.

NOTE: You don’t actually need to create a Google+ profile, we just need access to that API to authenticate you against Gmail.


Go into “Apps” -> “Google Apps”

Select “Gmail”/”Settings for Gmail”.
Then select “User Settings”. 
In the section called "End User Access”, make sure that the POP and IMAP access is enabled (un-ticked in this case).