Meet the world's first To Do List for

Get your Slack Organized...

Sortd transforms your Slack interface
into a powerful planner for you and your team

Drag & drop actionable messages right to your on-screen To-Do list

Keep contextual notes for each of your team mates so nothing's ever forgotten

When you open a chat with someone, the notes you made last time automatically appear so you always have relevant information on hand, when you need it.

Set reminders for important tasks you can't afford to forget

Same goes for the things you're waiting for from other people. If it's important just set a reminder to follow up.

Kick off every day with a clean slate and a clear mind

Today View gives you a fresh start every day. Review yesterday's achievements and see what needs to roll over for today.

Be a better coworker / delegator / boss / employee / human...

Delegate like a pro with the stuff people owe you
at your fingertips.

Manage your work with lists, in Slack where you already collaborate with your team.

Be a dependable, reliable team player - keep everyone informed with no effort.

+ powerful productivity features for power users!

+ Collaboration features to get your team completely in sync...

Create an action plan in each of your Slack #channels

Share your lists and work on focused project plans with your team mates.

Be a more effective team

Sortd keeps everyone in alignment with the goals and up to date on where things are at.

Maybe it's time you got your Slack Sortd?