Forge stronger sales relationships
right from your email inbox

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Sortd makes it fast and easy to stay on top of every sales lead 
Use your inbox to schedule, remind and sell

Quick and easy sales pipeline management
- built on Sortd for Gmail

Close more deals with less effort

Give Sales more to work with

Boost your sales productivity right out of your inbox and align efforts with new capabilities to stay organized and get more done

Sortd expands your Inbox into a flexible set of lists for emails and important sales deals.
Your emails, tasks and priorities now live together in one easy-to-use drag and drop workspace.

Simple, powerful tools building sales relationships without the need for a bloated CRM

Transform your overflowing inbox into an effective sales pipeline

Using your inbox to manage your sales pipeline is not efficient or sustainable  Action important sales conversations right from your email.

Everything in one place, always up to date

With everything in one place, there is not updating or ANY extra management overhead.

Share prospect lists and updates with your sales team

With effortless collaboration, see everything that is on the go in one view and who is taking on what.

Make sure you get responses

You can set reminders for when you haven't received a response to an email. Nothing can slip through the cracks. 

Never lose a lead. After you make contact, set a reminder to follow up. When the time arrives, the reminder shows up in your email.

Prioritize your emails through the sales pipeline with drag & drop

With drag and drop you can ensure that you prioritize the most important sales emails first.

Notes always right there, pinned to your contact's emails

No more digging into old emails.  Keep notes right next to your sales emails.

Deal cards, with notes, reminders and activity tracking 

Effortless track the progress of a deal.

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No need to update a CRM ever again

Get more done.  Everyday