All-in-one Sales, Service and Task tracking tool for Gmail Teams

Never miss an email again. WOW your customers!

Transform your cluttered Inbox into an all-in-one, organized workspace for Tasks, Emails, Projects & Teamwork.

Managing team email gets messy

Managing team email can get messy

You start losing emails ...
Then you start
losing customers 😢

Managing email in a team?

Things get busy ... Then you start losing emails.
Then you start losing customers.

Give Sales more to work with

Boost your sales productivity right out of your inbox and align efforts with new capabilities to stay organized and get more done

Sortd transforms Gmail into an all-in-one workspace for teams to manage sales & customer service with jaw dropping efficiency!

Drag and drop emails and tasks to your shared team kanban board, assign emails to team members, and track progress together as one united front.

The #1 app for teams who do everything in Gmail...

Built for teams who manage everything in Gmail.  And now with a better way to manage shared mailboxes

Here's a glimpse of how Sortd turns sales inquiries, orders, customer service and support into clean, simple workflows

No more Forward,
 BCC or Reply-all

Watch the demo video.


See how teams all over the world use Sortd to manage email workflows

Customer Service
& Support
and more

What do you want to use Sortd for?

Manage my email
Manage your email, to dos and priorities
right from Gmail.  Also, upgrade to
create flexible team planning boards.
Manage my sales
Manage email, leads, sales deals,
follow-ups, reminders, business contacts
& track your team’s sales activity
right from Gmail

Track every task to completion and deliver on time, every time

Get up & running with a template board in minutes

You don't need a specialized CRM, Project management tool or Helpdesk. You already have Gmail, and your team are quite happy right there.

Keep your team on the same page

Use Sortd to collaborate more effectively with your Team. Less time wasted on unnecessary status meetings, way more time spent on actual work.


Tasks and emails pop back into your Inbox when they need to be actioned or followed-up.

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Keep your team
in sync with your customers

Track client progress and automatically share everything your team.

Start a team chat on any email, project or task

Discuss everything about a project in one place. I just message and @mention my team, make quick decisions, in context, there and then.

Discover a whole new way of working.

Get Sortd now.

Watch the demo video.

Transform your overflowing inbox into an effective sales pipeline

Using your inbox to manage your sales pipeline is not efficient or sustainable Action important sales conversations right from your email.

Join 80,000+ CEO's, Professionals and Teams who are delighting their customers, every day!

Key benefits of Sortd

The all-in-one workspace that teams will actually love.

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